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RPG World Online | A 2D, dynamic, sandbox, online, role playing game.

Version 6 Progress

The past 6 months have seen a lot of coding and content added to version 6.
Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Potions and Alchemy
  • Shields and Shield Skill
  • Loyalty Bonuses to reward returning players after a wipe which occur every 3-4 months
  • Player Dynamic Image: body, hair, shirt, pants
  • NPC Exporter added to sell stuff to for coin and prestige
  • Basic player town making. Very young with lots to add still

Since this is a dynamic, sandbox game, player town making will be very important since there are no towns at the start of a world. It is a feature I have never implemented before so it will take a lot of time to get it all figured out. Player feedback is important to help me know if I am on the right or wrong track.

Version 6 Well Underway

Wait, what happened to version 5?!?! Well, it IS version 5 but with a new client. V5 was built with AGK and V6 is now built using C# with no game library just like V1/V2 were built. Why? Because I can build it faster and give it a more consistent GUI look.
The theme is fantasy, not modern, and I am developing an actual story.

V5 on hold… Working on new project.

I realized in October 2014 that RPGWO V5 isn’t unique enough to really be successful. This type of online 2D RPG has been made 1000’s of times already. Even if I got a good mobile one working… well a mobile one could be somewhat successful, maybe, but it would need a dedicated artist to redo everything.

I was playing Gurk, an old school, single player, party based RPG, on my phone and wondered if anyone had made an online version. So I looked around for anything and could not find one. Maybe I am not searching for the right phrase or acronym?

So, I started work on a new online game like my old RPG Party game. Will announce more when I get a playable game, probably in a few months.

V5 Going Modern/Zombie

Decided to change the theme from fantasy to modern. Mainly because fantasy I have been doing most of my life and I want to step outside of the closet…err… the box and challenge myself with something different.

  • preset day, year 2000-ish
  • Vorth aliens in orbit, dropped nano-tech virus on the population, want to create an entertainment planet (like ‘Predators’ and ‘Truman Show’ or reality TV )
  • most of population became zombies (like ‘The Walking Dead’)
  • some mutated beyond human (like ‘I Am Legend’ mutants)
  • some mutated but stayed human (like ‘X-Men’ ) which are NPCs and Players
  • animals also affected to some degree plus whatever the Vorth bio-engineer
  • Vorth award credits based on how well you play which in turn can be used to claim land, buy tech, etc.
  • death is no escape since the Vorth just resurrect/clone you back into the world
  • world map is all randomly generated with roads and buildings, having 4 sector types: urban, suburban, rural and wilderness

Lots to do and figure out still but so far it looks pretty good.

V2 Mission Files Posted

I put the V2 Mission ini server files and the client content files (bmp, wav, dat, etc) in the download section. They are the files I last used on the unfinished zombie apocalypse world I was making back in 2009, I think. I don’t know if they will work with V1 server or not.

Version 5 Under Construction

Version 5 has really been coming along nicely. My main worry, of course, is boredom since I already made an online, fantasy game. Why make another of the same? So, I really need some feature(s) that separated it from V1/V2 and keeps me motivated. Two of them I have come up with: limited sandbox and NPC AI.

We all pretty much know what sandbox means, can modify anything in the world, but what do you mean by “limited”? Basically, nothing spawns from thin air. All the resources that are in world at the start, is it. Like monsters and NPCs don’t spawn with weapons and items. If they want them, they need to get them some how like mining/blacksmith, buying or steal/looting. NPC shop keepers don’t spawn with anything. They need to get the items they want to sell some how. Yes, some stuff does spawn from thin air, like right now, Flying Insects spawn from Marsh Grass or dead bodies but it has a logical origin. Or seeds spawn from a plant. I am still figuring it out and not really sure how playable, fun and challenging it will make the world.

I would like to program the NPCs with good artificial intelligence. My goal is to have them behave like players. The world starts off with nothing built. I want the NPCs (and players) to build it themselves, thus the whole sandbox idea. NPC will need to reverse traverse the usage system to figure out how to make things they want or need. Like they are hungry and need food. It searches for plants or trees around them that may yield food with usage (usually using hand on it to pick). Still not sure how this will all work or if I will even be able to code it. Plus don’t really know what playable, fun factor it will bring for players.

Here is a list of some of the features it has so far:

  • Basic map features with water, plants, trees, rocks, animals, etc. Smooth movement on it with a walk and run mode that controls speed. Running uses stamina but the Run skill can negate stamina use. Paved areas will also help reduce stamina use, like roads and such.
  • Sectors (200×200) are assigned a terrain that determines plants, animals and surface. Like desert has cactus and sand. The 4 I have setup so far are plains, deciduous forest, desert and ocean. Plan to add coniferous forest, mountain, swamp, sub-artic, artic and volcanic… and any others I can come up with.
  • Transparent water that has items sit under water. The deeper it is, the harder to see the item until you can’t see them at all. V1/V2 always had it where items sat on top of the water. Plan to add swimming underwater so you can get items dropped, explore, etc.
  • Basic combat with Unarmed skill only. No weapons in game yet.
  • Usage system but now a days people call it “Crafting”. The crafting method seems to be placing items in some order then hit craft button to make something. Since V1/V2, my usage system is about using one item on another to make a new item then doing a series of those steps to finally get what you want. Like use iron ore on hot furnace to get an iron bar. Use iron bar on hot furnace to get hot iron bar. Use hammer on hot iron bar to finally get iron sword.
  • Mining and lower sub-levels. Got all sorts of metal ore to mine but not much use for it all yet. Still tweaking the system too.

Happy 13th Birthday RPGWO!

It was 13 years ago, October 2000, that I started work on RPGWO. I had just gone from part-time to full-time college while still working full-time. I had to quit playing Asheron’s Call because of time and money but was able to squeeze time in at school to start coding an online RPG using Visual Basic 6, which I was learning in school at the time.

The Visual Basic game making community was kinda big back then. One site I remember was The Black Hole? But the patrons of those sites quickly attached themselves to my game and its progress over the first year. I think after most of the major features were added, then it really picked up but still stayed nice and small and managable. I think the most players I ever saw on Steeltide was 80-90.

Then I made a version 2 that improved on things but still used Visual Basic 6. It had a bigger view, multi-item on a map spot, multi-maps, etc.

Facebook showed up and I tried to make a version 3 for FB using Silverlight but various technical issues popped up, plus I realized FB sucks. I used the existing server in Visual Basic and the client I did in Silverlight C#.

I had learned a lot about programming in Silverlight so decided to make a 4th version in Silverlight, independant of FB. It went pretty well and I was able to learn C#. I made the server from scratch too in C#. Maybe people and myself thought it would go faster to make an online game all over again but it took a long time to get any progress. I ended up stopping because of Silverlight and it just wasn’t picking up steam like I wanted plus it wasn’t cross platform enough with all the smart phones types that showed up.

When I would get bored with RPGWO, I did all sorts of other projects (mostly cut short) in between the years like RPG Party, Dungeon Fate, RTSWO, Galactic Venture, Medieval Nation, Colony, etc.

Currently the V1/V2 worlds are all run by players. The server programs are all in the Download section for everyone to play with. Just email me to have your world listed if you want.

So now I am busy working on version 5!!! Using C# for the server (got starter code from V4 server) and using the App Game Kit (AGK) from The Game Creators. Been working on it most of the year. The client is in the download page and the server should be up and running for player testing. Also gonna have an android client soon. Still a long way to go but slowly getting there.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the years and in the future!

Hello world!

Working on a new website using WordPress.